Synchronizer’s Docs

A collection of utilities for CGI-VFX to copy files from one place to another, find out basic stat differences between them and handle file sequences and textures (tx files).


pip install synchronizer

Getting Started

  1. Process paths

    Copies src_path to trg_path. Takes both files and directories as source. If given source is a file and it’s part of a sequence it’ll find and copy the entire sequence of files.

    from synchronizer import copier
    copier.process_paths(src_path, trg_path, force_overwrite=True, **kwargs)
    include_tx = True
    only_tx = True
    find_sequence = True
  2. Sync status

    Compares two files or directory paths and return sync status. Sync status refers to name and os.stat() comparisons.

    from synchronizer import syncstatus
        src_path, trg_path,
        ignore_stats=['st_uid', 'st_gid', 'st_atime',
                'st_ctime', 'st_ino', 'st_dev'])
  3. Get most recent

    Compares two paths and returns whichever has the most recent stat time. Default stat used for comparison is st_mtime which is: Time of most recent content modification.

    from synchronizer import syncstatus
    syncstatus.get_most_recent(src_path, trg_path, use_stat='st_mtime')
  4. Get sequence files

    Find and return all files that are part of a sequence matching file_path. If no sequence found, returns None. Two files are enough to make a sequence, even if they’re not sequential. This assumes the sequence digits are right beside the file extension.

    • C_myfile_v568.jpg
    • MJ_thisisafileseq_455868.dpx
    • MB_udimsforthewin.1008.tx
    from synchronizer import utils